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Home Mommy 2006 July

Two days ago, DH was discussing with me about his career move while in the car. As usual, the little one felt left out and kept interrupting us. So I said to her, "When daddy and mommy are talking, you have to wait for your turn. Generika Levitra 10mg It is very rude to interrupt our conversation. "

Yesterday, I brought Nikita, my friend M and her teenagers (C T) to the farm to pick some more blueberries. Everyone was happy and chatting Masteron King away. Yes, even Nikita. Halfway through the journey, C was on her mobile phone, T was whining to his mommy about something and Nikita was UNUSUALLY quiet. A few minutes past and it was all quiet again.

Nikita is in the phase where she gets a little jealous if I show affection to DH (sometime vice versa but not as often) and not to her; and if we don't involve her in the activities we do together. For example, if I hold DH's hand when we take a walk, she would hold his other hand too. If I hug DH, she would hug too. If I give a kiss, she would kiss too. If I call DH by another name, she would too well, you get the idea.

We were at the Library last evening, and were walking towards the car when I held DH's hand 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone and chitchatted with him. Nikita must have felt very left out, she said, "Mommy, don't talk to my !" I was so amused and decided to play along.

"No, he is your , not . BUT he is my !"

"Daddy, this one called the Cutie butterfly, this one is Pretty and this one is Beautiful butterfly! I made them all by myself!"

If you haven't noticed yet, she actually speaks more Mandarin to me now. In fact, she is speaking to me in Mandarin 80% of the time. The thing that make both my DH and I very happy and proud of her is that she can switch between English and Mandarin with not much problem. Sometimes, when she wants to say something to her daddy and I, she will Kamagra 100 speak to me in Mandarin and repeat the same thing in English to her daddy. It sure feels good to see her speak like "Jintropin China Supplier" that because that only means one thing my effort in teaching her Chinese finally pay off!

PS: Ahem! Let me haolian a bit la

This craft is very easy to do and the materials are simple. Being a frugal living recycling supporter, I used Nandrolone And Trenbolone recycled cable ties and disposable chopsticks, some poster paints (dilute with water), coffee filters (i think normal drawing paper will work too) and scotch tape.

To make the butterfly, tear open the coffee filter by the seam, paint and Is Testosterone Propionate Illegal let it dry. Then accordion pleat the coffee filter and fasten using the cable ties. Finally, attached the butterfly to a chopstick using scotch "buy cheap jintropin online" tape. If you like you can even attached it onto a rollup paper, and the little one could wear it like a finger puppet like the one I did for Nikita in below photo!

Because of the heat waves, we were forced to stay home most of the time. So, I did this wind chime craft with Nikita. I had planned to do this wind chime project since last Saturday. We specially picked those seashells with holes on them when we were at the beach, so that I don have to drill them myself when we use them. Ya lazy me.

This project is actually not meant for young toddler, so I had to do most of the work. But I did try to involve Nikita as much as possible. She helped to select the seashells, while I threaded a string through the holes, knotted them securely and tied them onto a toilet paper roll. Then, she helped to decorate the brown toilet paper roll with some magazine cutouts by gluing them on it.

Tada! Now we have a lovely, handmade wind chime hanging on our balcony! We love it! It is definitely a great reminder of a summer at the beach.

We had a wonderful time at the Nile Beach in Gloucester last Saturday. The weather at the coast was simply gorgeous (in the 80s), sunny but not too hot. We had our picnic lunch, swam a bit, picked some seashells, and caught some crabs, hermit crabs, snails and small shrimps.